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   Tom is a graphic artist who spent many hours helping me with the BirthAngel. After our first casting I gave Tom one of the BirthAngels. It was only a sterling medallion, not even a pin or a pendant. Later that day he came home to find a small bird flying around inside of his home. He was able to capture it and held it carefully in his cupped hands. Stepping outside, he was afraid to open his hands and look, fearing the little bird would be hurt or worse. Carefully uncupping his hands, the bird stood up but did not fly away. Instead it looked at Tom and started singing. Tom was not sure what to do. After a moment the bird took flight. It circled around several times and landed on the eve of his roof. Again it looked at Tom and began singing. Tom stood there staring at this little bird. Finally it took flight and flew away.
......That evening Tom's wife came home, he couldn't wait to tell her what had happened, she too had something to tell him.
      If you guessed that she found out that day that she was pregnant, you are correct. Now I am not saying that BirthAngel had anything to do with it. I am not saying that the little bird may have been the BirthAngel. What I will say is that this is a TRUE story, and it makes me smile every time I tell it.


Dear Bryen
The pins are great. James really can't appreciate his yet, but
when he's old enough I'll tell him how he was born 3 1/2
months early at 1 lb. 4 oz. and surly had his own angel guide
him the rest of the way.

Warmest regards

Dear Bryen
I need 6 Tiffany style bracelets for my sisters and I to celebrate
our mothers 82nd birthday. She has been our true BirthAngel.


Dear Bryen
My dearest friend has lost her newborn and we would like to purchase
two BirthAngels for her and her husband to help them with their grief.
Your beautiful BirthAngel gave me a peaceful feeling when I saw it.

Thank you.

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