. . . . . .About BirthAngel. . . . . .
......BIrthAngel was created after an epiphany. Bryen MacIntyre, artist, photographer and designer was working East of San Diego in the hills of Ramona. Pearched on top of a ladder and listening to a headset radio, a voice came to him over the sound of the music, he was told to create BirthAngel. "I was estatic about the message, I had no idea what it would look like or become, I just knew it felt awesome" says Bryen.
BirthAngel's message is about honoring and appreciating the most important day of life and all who made it possible. BirthAngel's are hand-cast and hand-finished in precious metal,... sterling silver, 14kt. gold and platinum, each is stamped with bryen's signature. Hold someone close to your heart with BirthAngel, a truly exceptional piece of art jewelry,

I have received many letters from people, who have shared their personal stories and lives with me. My wish for everyone is Peace and happiness. Please feel free to let me know about your life, I look forward to hearing from you.